Studio Burdąg is located nearby Burdąg village (administrative district of Gmina Jedwabno, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in northern Poland). Quiet and isolated area, surrounded by Mazurian meadows, loads of fields and old forests (full of edible mushrooms in autumn season) favors summer and winter strolls and recreation in the bosom of nature. There are hardly any other buildings within sight. In walking distance there is, among many others, a beautiful and clean lake Swiętajno which serves as popular diving place. The visibility reaches 5-6 meters throughout most of the year!

In the vicinity of Studio Burdąg there are many bicycle and tourist routes marked out which help you explore fascinating nature and local folklore. Burdąg is also a village with a rich history. Among historical sites you will find there the old Evangelical Cementary and one of the few, well-preserved, original, wooden Masurian cottages.

Studio Burdąg is located 30 km to international airport Mazury-Olsztyn:

Tourist attractions:

Hiking and bicycle trails:

– Route: Jedwabno – Narty, distance 4 km

– Route: Narty – Burdąg, distance 4 km

– Route: Jedwabno – Lipniki – Małaszewo – Burdag – Jedwabno, distance 11 km

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Diving Base:  NARTY Centrum Nurkowe Akademii, Świętajno Lake, 5 km

Windsurfing School Mazury (Brajniki 13a, 12-122 Jedwabno), 8 km:

Horse stud: Stajnia Burdąg, (Burdąg 1, 12-122 Jedwabno), ok. 5 km:,stajnia-burdag