Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat

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Event dates: 23.07.2024 -

Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat


Workshop for those with Authentic Movement or other psychotherapeutic/somatic experience.

In this retreat, we will introduce you to the Discipline of Authentic Movement and work at depth with this practice. This ritual practice is based on the work of Janet Adler and is a practice of developing embodied consciousness in a moving practice. It offers you anopportunity to explore and deepen your knowledge and experience of this practice which might also be described as active imagination in movement. We will work at depth with a practice of being present to all that we are in movement and stillness and begin to explore the developing our inner witness as both a mover and a witness. We are cultivating compassionate presence as we allow experience to unfold in our moment to moment moving. We will be working at depth to develop our moving and witnessing practice.

TEACHER: Jane Bacon is a Jungian Analyst (UKCP, IAAP registered), Focusing Trainer and on the faculty of Janet Adler’s Circles of Four (a preparation programme for those interested in teaching the Discipline of Authentic Movement www.disciplineofauthenticmovement.com). She is also Professor in Dance and Somatics at the University of Chichester.


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