Aleksandra Doniczka is our head chef, a professional dietician specialized in plant based diets. She has been with us since autumn of 2019, cooking vegetarian and vegan meals during the workshops. Aleksandra is focused on assembling balanced meals and nourishing Your body so that You can be ready for the challenging movement workshops. Besides the nourishment she always thinks of something heartfelt that will bring You joy. When Aleksandra is absent in Studio we offer You care of other chefs who work with us. Each of them works in the spirit of making the food carefully, with good energy and heartfelt.

The plant based menu is established with the organizers individually, to fit each event. We also offer the personalization of kinds and number of meals in a day. Additionally the vegan and gluten-free diets are possible for the guests. 

The menu is composed seasonally. We focus on the quality of the ingredients, its origin and impact on the environment. We limit the use of packages, in summer we rely on the vegetables from our garden. 

Whole one day catering consists of: breakfast in the form of buffet with warm oatmeal or millet porridge + two-course dinner with a dessert + supper in the form of buffet with a warm meal.

I don’t think we need to say anything more to convince You that the food in Studio Burdąg is made with passion and dedication, check it Yourself!