Our offer

  • We offer You exclusively our whole building complex for a set price, regardless of the number of participants.
  • In 10 rooms (doubles and triples) we can accommodate up to 22 people
  • With the use of additional mattresses we can accommodate up to 26 people. 
  • We prefer the rental period to be over 5 days, however in winter we are open for short term rentals.
  • The price includes:
    • accommodation for participants and organizers
    • unlimited access to the workshop hall (area of 120m²)
    • sound system and the projector 
    • access to the whole area of the Studio Burdąg
    • wood for the fireplace and firepit
    • towels for all participants
    • WiFi in each building
    • access to the washing machine and hairdryer
    • technical and logistic assistance 24 hours a day
  • The catering is round up separately. 
  • Studio is exclusively Yours during Your stay. We want You to feel at home. This means that You have to take care of the surroundings, take out the trash or mop the hall’s floor.

Price list

2600 zł net– a standard day of rent

3000 zł net – a day of rent during weekend

2200 – 2500 zł net– a day of rent in winter, in case of a longer stay or special occasions

VAT tax is 8 or 23% depending on subject of the invoice.

130 zł – a day of food for one person, this includes 3 meals (breakfast in the form of buffet with warm oatmeal or millet porridge + two-course dinner with a dessert + supper in the form of buffet with a warm meal) + 30 zł a person for additional diet requirements (vegan, gluten-free or vegan gluten-free). 

Our head chef is open to Your proposals, our menu is always adjusted to Your needs, it can be e.g. solely plant based or gluten-free. We also can change the number of meals e.g. breakfast + lunch and dinner in one.