In 1995 Olga and Janusz Stokłosa bought an old and neglected post-German farm. They first began renovation of the household. Next they saw the potential for an art space. The remaining buildings were restored to be functional but also cozy and welcoming. These buildings are unique thanks to the furniture gems discovered in flea markets. Walls are covered in paintings and posters from known artists. A simple activity like drinking tea will become a memorable experience thanks to our unique tea service. The two buildings at Your disposal are Obora and Stodoła. Besides that, the surrounding area includes a swimming pool, fishing pond, vegetable garden, orchard and fire pit. 

OBORA /The Barn

The two storey building with the heart of Burdąg Studio – the hall which has an area of 120 square meters. In the hall You can dance, practice yoga or other movements, organize the Woman Circles or conduct seminars. The floor is made of oak wood in a technique which allows it to adjust to the pressure of a moving body. We also offer a professional ballet mat which can make the floor softer. The hall is equipped with a projector and sound system. Ground storey of the building includes a kitchen, utility rooms, toilet and a living room with a fireplace. The top storey comprises one double room with a bathroom and three double rooms with a shared bathroom.




Stodoła is a place where our guests can rest after a long day. In the summer a shaded terrace is mostly used and in the winter – a cozy living room with a fireplace. Ground storey also includes a kitchenette, gastronomic kitchen, utility rooms and toilet. The heart of this building is the dining room, here we all meet at the one massive table to eat, regenerate and talk. On the top storey are six rooms. Two rooms that have their own bathrooms – a double and a triple. Besides that, four rooms with two shared bathrooms – a single, a double and two triples.




We understand how important it is for You that food is tasty and healthy during the workshops. We devoted a separate tab for it.


A quite big part of our space is taken up by a vegetable garden and the orchard. Since early spring Ola, our head chef, plans the plantings that would suit future culinary ideas for Your menu. Meanwhile Krzyś, our maintenance magician, starts the garden preparations. In summer our garden is ready to provide us with the vegetables to cook for Your arrival. The first to sprout are radishes then herbs, root vegetables and cucumbers. Next to the vegetables You will find a small field of raspberry plants. It was here from the beginning, guarded by grandpa Adam, providing raspberry syrup for everyone in the family. In the greenhouse our tomatoes blush, in the orchard pears, apples and plums wait to be discovered.


Burdąg Studio is situated in the middle of green fields and forests. The closest neighbor is a couple hundred meters away. This distances us from everyday life and provides us with unusual privacy. Instead of the car noises You will be surrounded by singing birds in the morning, frogs will sing in the evenings and in the autumn the deer rut takes place. A deep forest starts at our gateway. The twenty minute stroll will take You to the lake Świętajno, with a sandy beach and a mild decrease in the crystal clear water. A shorter stroll in an opposing direction will take you to another lake: the Burdąg lake. Smaller and wilder than Świętajno, but still very charming. Besides the water there are a lot of hills with a perfect view of the cranes, deer and hawks. Morning fog on the fields and evening sunsets add up to a beautiful spectacle of life.


You don’t have to leave the complex to experience the water. In the lower part of our area You will find a swimming pool and fishing pond where frogs and gold fishes live. The pond is far from the houses and You can sit there alone with Your thoughts. The swimming pool is open all year, in the summer You can jump in from the trampoline and in the winter slowly enter through a hole in the ice.

Studio Burdąg sala wynajem Mazury warsztaty


Besides the Stodoła and Obora, there are two houses where the staff lives and sometimes the owners. Everyday on the premises You will meet Weronika, Ola, Krzysztof and Beata – the whole squad is described here. The whole Studio is for You, but we will be near all the time, we can always help and advise You. We can tell You how to get to the lakes, where to find the mushrooms, where to shop and in our free time We will happily join You for a coffee. 

Beside people there are other residents: a young dog Szajba, a lovely, well-behaved and tolerant of other dogs. She will charm You, however her name (Szajba means crazy) is the true description of her character, she tends to chase after deer or scare the guest dog. She will be more than happy to join You on Your walk (she is quite a good guide) and during the break in the workshops she will come to cuddle. We love all animals, if You have to, You can take Your pets with You. However please remember about the comfort of Szajba and other guests. Please read the regulations thoroughly if You decide to take Your pet with You. 


Winter in Burdąg is an exceptional time of the year. It allows us to rest, contemplate but also creates exciting opportunities. When it snows You can go sledding on nearby hills, clear the snow off the driveway and spend the evenings near the fire. Remember that You are coming to the countryside in winter – the temperatures in the buildings will fluctuate around 19 degrees. For the heat lovers we offer the fireplaces, where You can get warm and spend a nice evening. We advise You to pack warm hoodies, thick sweatpants and wool socks.


The wellbeing of our surroundings is very important for us. We try our best to keep the chemicals ecological, we recycle trash and compost our organic waste. The buildings are heated with the use of heat pumps and whenever there is sunlight our energy comes from solar panels.


Usually Your time is filled by Your organizer with activities, however in Your free time You can use the swimming pool, trampoline, play table tennis, badminton, read books and magazines You find on bookshelves. In the evening You can make a fire in the fire pit. We encourage You to take a walk, jog, breathe the clean air, listen to the forest and sound of nature. If You don’t want to be active You can lay on a hammock and remember what it’s like to do nothing.


We usually rent the complex exclusively for the organized groups and we don’t rent rooms. If You are an individual and would like to visit us, follow our Facebook, there we share actual events. Sometimes the organizers resign at the last second, then in the group “Burdąg Last minute” we inform You of the possibility of individual arrivals, and then we welcome You to come to rest or work.