The Studio in its current form is an effect of hard work of the devoted team and, of course, the owners. They are two artists, who built this place according to their own ideas and needs. They created this place for themselves, to make it cozy, welcoming, unique, warm and private. They were supported by the father of Janusz – Adam vel Grandfather. His good spirit is still looking after this place. Each day something in Burdąg changes, new ideas keep on appearing. For our guests it is obvious that something new is always waiting for them. The idea of this place is to stay alive. 

The value in itself is creating the place which operates at the end of the world in accord with nature. This allows us to work on the development of our bodies, on art and on our contact with nature and ourselves. We live here independently, we represent a flat structure of management. Every day we nurture our values. Each of us, in our own way, cares for this place and its energy. When needed, each of us rolls up their sleeves and gets to work getting the urgent matters done. 


Olga Stokłosa  – actress and director, graduate of Faculty of History of University of Warsaw and Acting School in Krakow. In the 70’ she was associated with the STU theater in Krakow and in the 80’ with the Janusz Wiśniewski Theater. Olga played and directed on many stages in Poland and abroad. Now she directs, writes, devotes herself to social good and travels.  

Thanks to Olga, Burdąg has its own style. She always guided the renovations according to a vision she had in mind. Her sense of style created beautiful and unique interiors. Olga’s life energy, experience, precision and exquisite candidness influence our whole team. 

Janusz Stokłosa  – composer, pianist, publisher, producer, pilot and chairman of Studio Buffo, a first Polish private musical theater. He is the author of over 200 musical scores in theater and movie music. Janusz is a pioneer of polish musicals.

Thanks to the generosity of Janusz, the Studio functions as a high tech complex. He makes concepts meet business. His visions may seem unrealistic, but devotion and hard work make them all achievable. The results astone our friends and guests. Janusz, in his free time, leaves his intense Warsaw life to visit Burdąg. He always wanders through our Studio and gives us feedback. Later he disappears in his own musical studio where he composes and rests.

Maria Stokłosa – choreographer and dancer, creator for over two decades. In 2001 she received a grant from the Deutsche Bank Pyramid Awards to make a movie about dance, titled “Burdąg”. The rehearsals took place in a school in Jedwabno. The photos were taken in Studio Burdąg, in the forest and on the beach of Świętajno lake. The movie features dancers from Poland, Norway, UK and Argentina. Works on this project inspired her parents to build the dance hall in Studio Burdąg and that’s how it all began.

Since 2008, Maria is a chairwoman of Burdąg Foundation and she initiates events to cultivate development of experimental choreography. This includes the Warsaw collective “Centrum w Ruchu” and many other educational events like the yearly cours “Choreografia w Centrum”. Dance improv is a big part of her work. In 2002, during her studies in the Faculty of Culture at the University of Warsaw, she used autoethnography to study her solo improv dance. It was possible to conduct the study, as Maria received Grażyna Kulczyk Scientific Grant. Maria is also a member of berlin dance group cranky bodies a/company. She graduated from School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and London Contemporary Dance School.


Weronika Bobotek – manager of Studio Burdąg. Weronika has a bachelor’s degree in Instruments from Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and master’s degree in Polish studies from the University of Humanities and Economics in Lódź. She was born in Warsaw, but since 2018 she lives and works in Burdąg, which became her second home. 

She takes care of any organizational and accounting matters, however don’t be surprised if You see her helping with renovations, overlooking the construction, jumping in the kitchen or making jams or marmalades in the autumn. Besides all of that she loves taking photos and will happily jump in to take Your photos during the workshops. In her tight schedule she always finds some time to play viola or take care of her horses. 


Aleksandra Doniczka – she is a passionate head chef, she adores taste and common sense vegetable based lifestyle. She is a professional dietician. She organizes many culinary projects, workshops and courses. Besides cooking, in Burdąg she takes care of the vegetable garden, which is a constant inspiration in her meal planning. She cooks with passion and devotion, her goal is to convince even the most skeptical guests to try a plant based diet. 

Ola first planned to come to Burdąg only for a moment in the autumn of 2019, she stayed and is now the main ingredient of our team. In our kitchen she can develop and create her own signature cooking. Besides that Ola takes part in creating the social media of our Studio, thanks to her You can be updated on what is going on at Burdąg. 

Krzysztof Dawid

for over 25 years, Krzysztof is maintaining the Studio Burdąg. He knows each corner and each plant. He fixed countless objects and knows how to maintain things we don’t even know needed maintaining. He comes through in the middle of the night, in the summer heat, he prepares the wood so we can warm ourselves. On top of that, he can give meaningful advice and he takes care of the moods of other team members, supplying them with their favorite sweets.  He is our anchor, he brings us common sense and joy. You will always see him smiling and ready to help. We can’t even imagine Studio Burdąg without him.

Beata Deptuła 

Since Beata is with us she makes sure everything is spotless, each blanket clean and fresh. With her each room is prepared for Your arrival, a towel is waiting and the dust is expelled. She knows where everything is and why it is there. In the meantime, she helps in the kitchen. Her help is indispensable, however, we seem to notice she can be more involved as she has a talent for cooking. Beata is energetic and the face of a good mood. We always await her arrival. On the days that we deem wasted, Beata brings relaxation and everything seems to look better from her point of view. 

Józefina Goliszewska – at first, she appeared at Studio Burdąg socially – for a neighbourhood coffee, but after a short time, she joined the team. She works in the kitchen, and we know that this position requires a lot of precision, patience and strength. In addition, Józefina is an irreplaceable help in all emergencies that often occur in the countryside. She also creates Studio’s social media so that each of you can see what’s happening in Burdąg on an ongoing basis.

Sylwia Ziajka – a woman who feeds with: tenderness, optimism, energy. Chef, confectioner. For many years, she has been a probation officer and social worker by profession, always open to people and their needs. In August 2022, she came to Studio Burdąg and, like a large part of our team, she stayed for a long time. She comes from Małopolska, studied in Krakow and Poznań, spent several years in Warsaw, recently moved to Masuria and is now discovering its charm.
He cooks during workshops in various centers throughout Poland, and we can also enjoy this privilege. Her kitchen is light and beautiful. He always makes sure that our guests feel good in body and spirit.



Besides the aforementioned members, Studio Burdąg was built by many others, which we cannot omit. Kasia, who for many years cleaned, cooked and after work helped Adam in his seasonal work. Weronika Loczek, a seasonal resident of Studio is always open to help us with the guests. Ola Fruga worked in a duet with Ola Doniczka and together they created amazing baked goods. Ola Zdunek, a member of Burdąg Foundation, for a couple of years took care of Studio Burdąg.


We are convinced that this place is created by people, visit us to see us Yourself : )